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Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

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Viral Vaccine Lab

Viral Vaccine Lab 


Viral vaccine Laboratory has been established  to ensure that the vaccines and antisera produced, distributed and imported into the country are safe, efficacious and potent with the mandate to evaluate and ensure the quality of Biologicals referred to it. 

To develop linkage with other national/international institution and keep abreast with worldwide scientific research and technological developments in production and quality control of viral vaccine and antisera with a view to advising on the suitability of their adoption.

To develop technical guidelines/ manuals on standards to be used by manufacturers and to undertake research on various immunobiologicals using multidisciplinary integrated approach.

Providing training facilities in quality control testing of viral vaccine and antisera for personnel of related institutions including testing and manufacturing units and six month dissertation project for post graduate students (M.Sc&B.Tech) of various universities is also formed as an indispensable part of its activities

The biologicals tested by the laboratory are:

Cell culture Rabies vaccine (CCRV): biological potency assay
 The potency assay for cell culture Rabies vaccine carried out by NIH test (the test was developed at the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA). The test measures the degree of protection conferred by inactivated rabies vaccine in immunized mice challenged with rabies virus.



Acceptance Criteria for Test & Examination of Blood Glucose Test Strips as per ISO 15197:2013new


Turnaround time for testing new








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