Upcoming Trainings at NIB

S.NoTraining Programm NameTraining ScheduleNo. of SeatsWho Can ParticipateFee StructureApplication Start DateApplication Closing DateSalient FeaturesFor Application Form and Guidelines
1 Short -Term Training Course on RT-PCR including RNA extraction 3rd-7th July-2023 Five Students/Medical Professionals/Industrials/Regulators/Other stakeholders 21000+18%GST=24780 01 Mar 2023 18 Jun 2023 Download Click Here
2 Quality Control of Blood Products using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry(AAA) 07 th -11th August -2023 Five PG Students/Research Scholar/Industries professionals/Regulatres officials/ Rs3000+18%GST=3540 01 Mar 2023 23 Jul 2023 Download Click Here
3 Internal Quality Control and Method Validation Basics 18th -22nd September-2023 Five Students/Clinical Laboratory Personals/Researchers/Personals of Testing and Manufacturing Units 3000+18%GST=3540 01 Mar 2023 03 Sep 2023 Download Click Here
4 Quality Control Testing of Immunodiagnostic Kits 16th - 20th October-2023 Five Students/Medical Professionals Rs.8000+18%GST=9440 01 Mar 2023 01 Oct 2023 Download Click Here
5 Application of Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography(RP-HPLC) For Identification and Potency Testing of Human Insulin 18th - 22nd December-2023 Five PG Students/Research Scholars 6000+18%GST=7080 01 Mar 2023 03 Dec 2023 Download Click Here
6 Ethical Use & care of Laboratory Animals in Research and Regulatory Testing 08th - 12th January 2024 Fifteen PG Students/Research Scholars Rs.3000+18%GST=3540 01 Mar 2023 24 Dec 2023 Download Click Here
7 Cryopreservation of RBCs for Panel Preparation Used in QC evaluation of Blood Grouping Reagents & Blood Groping IVDs 22nd - 23rd January 2024 Two Medical professionals /Manufactures Rs.5000+18%GST=5900 01 Mar 2023 07 Jan 2024 Download Click Here
8 Bacterial Endotoxins Testing(BET) 19th - 23rd February 2024 Five UG/PG Students of Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Pharma Rs.7000+18%GST=8260 01 Mar 2023 04 Feb 2024 Download Click Here
9 Quality Control of Blood Products Using Coagulations Analyzer(CA) Special Reference To Human Coagulation Factor VIII Potency Assay 25th - 29th March- 2024 Five PG Students/Research Scholars/Industry Professionals/Manufacturing Units/ Regulatory Professionals Rs.21000+18%GST=24780 01 Mar 2023 10 Mar 2024 Download Click Here