In-Vivo Bioassay Laboratory & Animal Facility



Animal Facility is a central support laboratory for all laboratories of National Institute of Biologicals for performing in-vivo quality control tests as per Indian or other Pharmacopoeias for quality control evaluation of the batches of various biologicals received in the institute. All in-vivo tests being performed in the laboratory have been accredited under ISO: 17025 since 2010 and Animal Facility participates in the external audit by NABL every year to maintain competency and to ensure that all quality systems are in place.
The staff of the facility strongly believes that "Good Science and Animal Welfare go Hand in Hand" and is commitment to the application of 3 R's for replacement, reduction and refinement. The facility ensures timely availability of different laboratory animal species for various in vivo tests by a well- planned breeding program or by procuring animals from other CPCSEA registered sources. It also provides veterinary services, advises and educates the scientists and staff of NIB on animal experimentation issues while promoting the best practices for the humane and responsible use of animals.
Animal care staff of the facility ensures high quality animal husbandry and care that meets the requirements of animal welfare regulations and guidelines provided by CPCSEA.

CPCSEA Registration

The Animal Facility of NIB is registered with CPCSEA and had been awarded the Registration No. 824/GO/bc/2004/CPCSEA in 2004. However, in 2016, NIB got the permission from CPCSEA to provide laboratory animals to other CPCSEA registered institutes in the country and the registration number had been modified to 824/GO/RBiBt/S/04/CPCSEA (Research and breeding in-house use and for trading purpose).
The animals are being maintained under controlled environmental conditions as specified in CPCSEA guidelines with temperature maintained between 22-25oC, relative humidity between 45-65 %, timer controlled 12:12 hr light dark cycle and 12-15 air changes per hour with 100% fresh air.


Animal Facility participated in the NABL audit for ISO:17025 in 2010 and got accreditation for in-vivo biological tests being performed in the facility at that time and thereafter participates in the annual Surveillance-cum scope extension audit conducted by NABL.
Animal Facility of NIB has also been accredited for “Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001” in 2019 thus ensuring that a rigorous health and safety policy is in place which protects the staff of Animal Facility against possible occupational risks and reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.


Animal Facility of National Institute of Biologicals (NIB) organizes a large number of trainings in the field of Laboratory Animal Science and for ethical use of laboratory animals in research and testing for M. Sc. and PhD students, faculty, veterinarians and Technicians based on the requests received by the institute. Anyone interested in attending training in Animal Facility may write to Director, NIB or Head, Training Unit of NIB.

Sale of Laboratory Animals to other CPCSEA Registered Institutes

The Animal Facility of National Institute of Biologicals (NIB) has got permission from CPCSEA to provide laboratory animals to other CPCSEA registered institutes in the country. The animals will be provided subject to the condition that the following documents are provided:

a) Request letter/mail from the Principal Investigator (PI) who has the ethical approval for use of animals in his/her research project (Research Scholars/ PhD students may please send request though their Guide/ PI).

b) Copy of the CPCSEA registration certificate of the Animal House of the institute / establishment with details of period of registration.     

c) Copy of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee approval certificate against which animals are being procured clearly mentioning the
              i) Title of protocol

              ii) Protocol number

              iii) Specie/Strain of animals approved by IAEC

              iv) Number of animals approved

              v) Age/weight and sex of animals approved

              vi) Date of approval and validity period of the ethical approval

d) Proof of advance payment made to NIB

The details of laboratory animals available at NIB and rates:

  S. No.



Rates (Inclusive of tax)



Swiss Albino mice

Rs. 89/-

BALB/c mice

Rs. 89/-



Wistar Rats

Rs. 193/-

Sprague Dawley Rats

Rs. 193/-


Guinea Pigs

Duncan Hartley

Rs. 368/-



New Zealand White

Rs 1948


General Information:

·        We are very prompt in replying to mails received by us. However, if you do not hear from us within 5 days, that will reflect that animals as per your specific requirement are not available at that time.

·         Animals can be collected on any working day between 10 A.M to 4.00 P.M. i.e. Monday to Friday except holidays only after confirmation from NIB about the availability of animals and date of collection.

·         The purchasers have to make their own arrangement for collection and transportation of animals as per CPCSEA guidelines

·         NIB will not be responsible for any incident like mortality, injury or escape of supplied animals once they leave our facility

·         The payment has to be made in advance by

o   Demand Draft in favour of "National Institute of Biologicals" payable at Noida/Delhi

o   NEFT/RTGS as per bank details provided below:


        Details for payment  of money through Bank Transfer:

Name of Bank

 Bank of Baroda Sector-29, Noida (U.P)

Name of Account

National Institute of Biologicals

S.B. Account



BARB0NOIDAX  (5th digit is zero)

Swift Code


MICR Code No.



For queries regarding procurement of laboratory animals from NIB, please contact:
Dr. Shikha Yadav,

Head, Animal Facility,

National Institute of Biologicals,

A-32, Sector- 62,

Noida - 201309 (UP)

Phone: 0120-2400022, 2400072

Email: syadav[at]nib[dot]gov[dot]in, shikhayadav7[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Suresh Kumar,

Scientist III, Animal Facility,

National Institute of Biologicals,

A-32, Sector- 62,

Noida - 201309 (UP)

Phones: 0120-2400022, 2400072

Email: suresh[dot]kumar[at]nib[dot]gov[dot]in